Cove of Bingo

Bingo Cove Review – What Is It?

Bingo Cove has an exotic ring to it, but only in the sense that the cove portion sounds beautiful and exotic, while the bingo portion does not. The logo for the site, which has a palm tree pushed through the O in Cove and a bar of beach, conveys the idea of joyful escape. Even though it’s a desert island, there’s power and strong 4G coverage, which allows you to play all of your favorite bingo games despite the unique locale. “ Put your shorts, flip-flops, and sunglasses on and go outside.

As the site’s homepage suggests, “then enjoy a stroll down to the warm, sandy beaches in Bingo Cove,” and who could say no to such an enticing offer?

While you won’t be able to feel the sand between your toes at Bingo Cove since the theme isn’t that compelling, the highest portion of the webpage does a good job of setting the atmosphere. The bottom half, on the other hand, is a different story, since there is where things begin to go wrong. This is a regular occurrence for bingo sites, which all feel obligated to adopt some kind of wacky motif in order to attract players. There’s nothing wrong with it, at least until you scroll farther down the page and see that all efforts to keep the concept in tact have been quickly scrapped. For example, imagine removing your living room’s paintings off the wall only to find that the designer had forgotten to put up any wallpaper behind them.

In relation to Bingo Cove

A bingo site that is cove-like above the fold and generic below the fold, Bingo Cove is a good example of a hybrid site. It is the slots and micro games that help to detract from the overall quality of the webpage and divert attention away from the nautical motif. The scrolling yellow sidebar, which displays the most recent victories on the site, is also not very appealing, since it detracts from the core areas. However, there is one interesting nugget of information to be gleaned from the sidebar just below the latest winners: on the previous day on the site, the total amount of prizes won is displayed, a figure that appears to average around £750,000 – though it is unclear whether this figure is specific to Bingo Cove or applies to all of the sites operated by this company. It’s most likely the latter.

The operator in issue is Cassava Enterprises Limited, a Gibraltar-based firm that has built so many bingo sites that it’s a wonder the famed rock hasn’t been sunk to the ocean’s depths and never surfaced again due to the sheer weight of its servers. When it comes to gambling licensing, the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner has the authority to regulate Cassava Enterprises, whilst parent firm 888 group has the authority to regulate the Great Britain Gambling Commission via their British subsidiary 888 UK Ltd. Although it seems to be a little perplexing, this is the way things are in the complicated world of bingo and casino ownership and regulation.

The Cove is a great place to bank.

Bingo Cove, as expected, does not provide any information on how to make a deposit. Cassava Enterprises has done it again again, and we applaud them. Or, more accurately, not done it again. Curiously, they only seem to be concerned with providing withdrawal information on one of their websites. Credit or debit cards such as MasterCard, as well as checks, Neteller, wire transfers, and PayPal are all available as withdrawal methods in this situation. You will most likely be able to deposit money using the same methods as before, with the exception of check and bank transfer.

Withdrawal requests are handled within 48 hours, followed by 2-3 days for UK MasterCard and longer for the majority of other payment methods. If you have a credit card, transactions will appear on your bill in the name of Cassava Enterprises or Virtual MaSerIRL, which is an odd name if there ever was one. Although it is associated with gaming, it is not instantly associated with gambling, which is a positive development, in our opinion.

Bonus Dividend of 400 percent

When it comes to promos, when you join up for Bingo Cove, you will get a 400 percent bonus split. This bonus package includes a 200 percent bingo bonus as well as a 200 percent free spins bonus at the casino. To be eligible for this promotion, you must make a deposit of at least £10 and a maximum of £100. Before any of this money can be paid out, it must first be wagered four times in order to qualify. The promos that are still available at Bingo Cove are the same as those that are available at all other Cassava Enterprises properties. If we’re being honest, most of them don’t seem to be especially appealing, with the best-looking perhaps being the 2 Million Race, in which 40 winners are picked at random and each receives 2 million reward points.

The website also makes note of certain important jackpot games, such as Grab a Grand, which is conducted on the 15th of every month, and the Big 10,000, which offers the chance to win a whopping £10,000 (yes, you read that correctly). Also available are an incentive program and seasonal promotions in which the top 10 players on the site will split different prizes and payback amounts with one another. That’s all there is to it in terms of promotions.

Bingo comes in a variety of forms.

Bingo Cove offers three different varieties of bingo games to choose from: 90-ball, 75-ball, and High 5 Bingo. As far as the mechanics of the games are concerned, there isn’t much variation between them, with the key distinction being that in 90-ball bingo, there are three chances to win a prize. There is just one way to win in 75-ball bingo, however there are five ways to win in High Five Bingo, since you may complete lines in three different directions: vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Diamonds Are Forever, House Party, and Swedish Jackpot are just a few of the titles of the progressive jackpot bingo games available.